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Why Top Gun?

Why use us for your Sales Team Training & Recruiting?

The most logical answer is because Alan Dodson is an internationally known and well-respected sales trainer and public speaker. Alan is the principal operator of Top Gun Systems and personally conducts all recruiting and training operations.  Alan’s IQ is in the top 1/10th of 1% worldwide and looks at businesses and training of people from a highly analytical perspective.  Instead of just using simple, and many times, “the way it has always been done” training methods, he approaches training with, not only proven practical methods, but also the scientific and technical methods of teaching sales.  This produces a much more effective sales representative and team.

Important Considerations:

  • We research your dealership/business to tailor advertising effectiveness
  • Professional & scientific evaluation of every applicant to guage potential
  • Well proven, hands-on, initial sales training programs, with a science twist
  • Tools to locate and hire experienced sales team members and managers
  • Highly successful recruiting of high-potential “out of industry” applicants
  • Creative evaluation of your current sales team and ways to improve
  • You choose how the cost of training is incorporated into your budget
  • Clients acquisition cost of new salespersons is minimized with our methods
  • Ongoing education programs available for increased sales output and profits
  • Recruits, depending on program, may get no-cost follow up training sessions