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Speaking Fees

How Much Does It Cost?

Asking professional speakers how much they cost is like asking “How high is up?” Rates do vary for almost all speakers and depend on a number of factors.

When I speak at an engagement, I am committing to spending time away from my other interests, responsibilities and my family time.  Also, I must prepare that talk, practice it (extensively), travel to/from the location, and deliver an informative and informational presentation.

Let’s assume I book a one hour talk, here are some factors to consider:

Email time with organizer (info, travel plans, etc): 1 hour
Preparing for presentation (research, powerpoint, writing, etc): 30+ hours
Practicing: at least 5 hours
Travel (either by air or car): 5-16 hours or more
Multiple days depending on presentation time:  up to 16 hours

That 72 hours, more or less, equates into nine, 8 hour days!  Now, if the talk is at a conference that I am interested in attending (where I will gain some knowledge or other value) that may reduce my fee for speaking.   Also, whether I speak once for an hour or 3 times in the same day or conference, my cost to the client is the same.  I don’t charge just for presentation time, but for the value of my talk with all costs included.

Generally, my keynote fees will typically run from $2500.00 to $6000.00, sometimes more, sometimes less.  The second stage, workshops, and seminars are generally less.

I know a number of other speakers through my associations and groups that charge from $3000.00 to over $25,000.00, and celebrity speakers charge from $35,000.00 to upwards of $350,000.00.   By those comparisons, I am a great bargain!

I don’t deliver canned presentations for my clients.  So, to be honest, my rates vary because what I offer varies. I create experiences for my clients and ALWAYS will be looking for the PROBLEM that I can help solve with my talk. I like to incorporate resources from the client, so that what we talk about on the platform is relatable to their company or product. Plus, I guarantee that you will be happy with what I do for you!

What is your budget?

No, I am not trying to get all your money!  If I know your budget it helps me to help you. I  like to send you a proposal with 2 or 3 choices in it and to stay within your budget.  I just need to know at least what fee range you are in so I can better fill your needs.

Let me know your needs by filling out this quick info form or by contacting me directly by phone or email at  speaking@topgunsystems.com