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Our BDC Approach

Business Development Reimagined

Why your current BDC could be the wrong approach?


If you have a full “in-house” Business Development Center, you probably know the benefits and struggles of an Automotive BDC. There are also many industry “experts” who perform training and consulting services for Auto Dealers and their BDC staff. A well run BDC is a necessary part of the Auto Industry, but there are different approaches.  It absolutely need not be defined by a boilerplate plan that is applied in many markets.  Your business is different, your market is unique, what works for you may not work in a dealership in a different part of the country.  Conversely, standardized programs may not work effectively for you.

Outsourcing your BDC and call center activities disconnects you from your customers.  In an ever-evolving world, and customers that want instant gratification, not changing with your customer needs will reduce your CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) and will reduce your profits.  Even the so called “Hybrid BDC” will result in customer disconnect.  Now, more than ever, a personal touch approach is paramount.

In our approach to the Business Development Center, we analyze your current operations, your total sales, your sales objectives, and most importantly the demographics of your ideal and secondary customers.  Then, and only then, can we make recommendations that are based on your actual business operations.

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