The quotas that sales representatives must meet have risen 33% in four years, and the number of people meeting their quotas has fallen 25% according to The Bridge Group.

And somewhere between 45% and 55% of all salespeople across all industries, are not consistently meeting their sales quotas.  While it’s tempting to blame the sales person, this steady trend is more likely the result of poor training practices and the hiring of unskilled or inexperienced people and pushing them into a sales position.

In a recent sales professionals survey, this question was asked: “What is the number one reason salespeople miss their quota?”

This was the feedback:

Missing the target on Sales Quotas

  • Not enough qualified customers
  • Lack of recurring sales training
  • No formal sales process in place
  • Managers can’t effectively coach salespeople
  • New hires take too long to catch on
  • Lost sales opportunities to no decision
  • Competition beating us on price
  • Sales team burdened with administrative tasks
  • Sales team not properly led
  • Assignment of unrealistic quotas
  • Deals not closed are not handed off to a team member
  • Salespeople not properly hired

There’s an endless number of reasons that sales teams are not hitting their numbers, each one of these reasons could be the cause, but what would be the number one reason?

Owners and managers are not investing in their sales teams!

Sales managers and business owners must recognize that a professional recruiting and sales training program is not an expense, but a necessity to maintain a viable business and better profits.  Regular, recurring training and coaching does not cost, it pays!

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