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Develop The Best of the Best!

Being highly successful at sales requires planning and attainable goals.  During Top Gun Sales Workshops, attendees will learn time proven skills that will enable you and your salespeople to utilize those skills along the road to greater sales success.   Alan Dodson & Top Gun Sales will teach you his 10 steps that have been proven to enhance sales.

In the goal setting session, you will determine the amount of sales, the necessary income and profits as well as developing your written plan to succeed and earn the income you desire. If you want to sell more, sell more often, and sell more profitably, then Top Gun Systems is for you and your team!

Whether you have a group of new sales people or a well-seasoned team, everyone on your staff can learn to produce more sales.  Even the most experienced and qualified salespersons can learn new techniques, reinforce the methods that have forgotten or are not using to their maximum capability and become better.  Like the Navy’s Top Gun program, take the best of the best, and make them better.  Never assume that your sales staff is operating at maximum capacity because they are not!

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“If you are not getting training and education that continually challenges you for growth and development, so that you can become a better version of yourself every day, you might just as well sit in a rocking chair and rock, because it gives you something to do but you’re going nowhere.” – Alan Dodson